Saturday, May 14

info : Asasi UNIMAS

Assalamualaikum & hye peeps~
For those who'll pursue their education in Asasi Unimas, congratulations. I bet a biggg "??" in most of your cerebrum right now. So, I'll explain a lil' bit about Asasi Unimas. (Based on what I've experienced...)

Q : Where do we stay when we are in UNIMAS?
A : Kolej Seroja 

Q : Kolej Seroja? How is it?
A : Not too good, not too bad. Just nice. Well-equipped with some facilities. Room, spacious. My friends from other matriks/U told that our room were more spacious than their rooms. Toilet? OK. Bathroom? OK. Cafe? Not bad. Got gym here. Ampaian? OK, not bad. WiFi are available.  The most important thing, bukan atas pokok, no head hunter. (most of my friend from semenanjung thought yang diorang akan tinggal dalam hutan dengan dikelilingi head hunters) =_="

Q : How many subjects?
A : Overall 7. Core subjects are Bio/Phy (if u're Physical Students, u'll be taking Physics, if u're Hayat students, u'll be taking Biology), Mathematics and Chemistry. Generic subjects are IT, English, Leadership and Society, and Critical Thinking. 

Q : How was the lecture? Notes will be given or not? How about reference books?
A : Lecture will be conducted from Monday to Friday, 8AM till 5PM (subject to timetable and changes). Notes? Yes. For Chemistry and Biology, notes will be given whether in pdf, slides or may be in hard copy. But, there are some lecturers will not giving any slides or notes. So, make full use of technology. Use camera or handphone to take the photos of the slides. About reference books, there are loads of reference books that have been used. Actually, slides are complete enough, but if you want a better understanding, buy Campbell (for Biology) or some matriculation/STPM books. 

For mathematics, Asasi UNIMAS follows matriculation syllabus. Hence, by having matriculation book for Mathematics should be enough. 

For physics, I'm not really sure but based on what I observed from my friends, they used Matriculation/STPM books.

Q : Are there any extra-curricular activities? 
A : Yes.

Q : Where to buy foods such as biscuit, Milo, nescafe etc? Shampoos? Toothpaste?
A : Unaco, Everrise and there are lots of shops out there. Just exercise a lil bit and you'll be there. hehe :)

Q : How far is the city from UNIMAS?
A : About 20-30 minutes. There are buses (even UNIMAS buses),vans or you can even rent a car.

Q : After asasi, do I need to stay in UNIMAS or I can apply for other universities?
A : You have to stay in UNIMAS for your degree.

One more thing, based on what my lecturers said, if you really want to do medicine for degree, UNIMAS is the best choice. The chances of doing medicine is higher than other universities. Provided with your excellent result laa..(don't you ever expect of doing medicine if you're playing around, not serious with your studiesss...*dush..terkena aku!*

One one more important thing, when you are here, there are a lot of usrah here. Just join one of them. InshaAllah, TIADA YANG MENGECEWAKAN BILA ANDA JOIN USRAH.

I think, all of those Q&As are complete enough to answer all questions in your cerebrum. Any question? Just ask. Leave comment. But, if there are differences of what I've told you and the real situations, I'm sorry. I wrote this based on my experience.


nur farahin said...

assalamualaikum :)

my name is nur farahin and i'm from semenanjung . erm,can i call u kak Min ?
Kak Min , actvt koku selalunya dia adakan waktu bila ? weekends or hari hari biasa ?
Btw , thanks for the info about preU unimas . really appreciate it :)

jazakillah :)

Jasmin Jaraee said...

waalaikumussalam.blh je pggil ap2~ hehe maaf lambat reply. Koku biasanya hari khamis. petang. tp x psti la batch yg akn dtg ni..hehe :)

Ieqa Jamal said...

Salam .. nama saya syafiqah .. hrm.. saya nak tanya , UNIMAS ni kalau kita ambil Asasi Sains Hayat , bila degree nanti boleh sambung medicine ? Pointer kena capai berapa ?

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum. kak, perlukah sy beli buku rujukan awal2 sblum msuk sana? sy dpt asasi, jun 2013 ni bru masuk.

Aisyah Basy said...

hi, do you have to do presentation for asasi? i'm a bit worried because i might not bring my laptop to unimas ☹️