Wednesday, May 19


Assalamualaikum & peeps~

Hmm.. I realised since holiday had started which was exactly after SPM, I do have one bad habit

hohoho..what a bad habit~ 

My habit nowadays is ALMOST ( hello, I SAID ALMOST, OK???) to nocturnal species.
(REMEMBER the most important fact is I'M HUMAN!)

When come to daytime, I felt tired and sleepy but during nigh time, I'm fully active and act like hyperactive kid.haha..kid?? adoi2~ almost 18 still called herself as kid~

Insomnia syndrome? hmmm..i don't think so because I do sleep but just not at the correct hour.hohoho..

In this case, I think I should change my habit as I'll become a student soon. I need to adjust that because I heard from somewhere2 that sleep late will affect your biological cycle and that lead to restlessness and sleepiness during your daytime. Besides, you will unable to perform to your optimum during the next day~
hohoh..I know, as a student especially university student, I should be productive and can manage my time wisely. So, within this few days before I'm going to UNIMAS, I MUST change my biological clock and adjust it.

OK, I think I should hit my pillow now! yes..


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