Monday, January 14

Love is A Verb - Put An Emotion in Motion

"Oh Allah, I love You."

"I love Allah soo mucchh!"

"I love Allah more than anything". 


We used to tell others that we love Allah. And we used to hear the same from others too. 

Let's think. 

Did our actions reflect what we have said? We claimed that we love Allah, but is it 'love' that we are referring to? To become disobedient, to become unfaithful, to become sinful?

To Love is To Please Allah 

Love - indeed, it's a verb. 

It needs actions. You have to prove your words. 


Let me give an analogy. 

If you love someone, what will you do? 

You will treat him/her nicely. 
You will try to obey all the orders. 
Maybe you will sacrifice everything. 
Your money, your time, your energy and you might even you don't mind to put your life at risk just because of him/her. 

Just because you want to please him/her.


And now, look around you. 
Look at your mum. 
Look at you dad. 
Look at your friends. 
Then look at yourself. 
Consider your pumping heart, your functioning body parts and many more. 

Take a deep breath. 
Open your eyes, heart and mind. Think.

Abundant of ni'mah that have been given by Allah to us. And His blessings are uncountable.

"And if you were to count Allah's favors, you would not be able to number them ; most surely Allah is the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful" [surah An-nahl : 18]

Hence, we should show our gratitude towards Allah by serving and pleasing Him. Follow syariah  and sunnah truthfully and do not deviate from the teachings. 

CAIS UNIMAS [3.01.2013 - Studyweek]

True Love : Put An Emotion becomes Motion

A person who really love what they do will succeed in their work. 
A lecturer, who loves to teach will succeed in teaching (emm.reminds me of Dr. Lee) more than a lecturer who teaches for the sake of money.
A student, who loves a subject, will score on his/her favourite subject.
A chef, who loves to cook, succeeds more than a chef who does not like their job.

Applying the same logic, only a person who genuinely loves Allah will worship and serve Allah wholeheartedly. It produces servitude and submission all the time and in all place. Whatever condition it is, the sweetness of love of Allah relieve all the hardships and the bitterness of difficulties. 

You who believe!  If you turn away from your religion, soon will Allah produce a people whom He loves and they love Him.

[Surah Al-Maidah : 54]

the end.

p/s : It takes time for me to finish typing this entry. And I feel some part of this entry seems tergantung. (Ehem dengan izin tuan pengerusi...) Phewww. I just can't remember when was the last time I wrote in English and I always realized my English proficiency was always below average. huhu. So, as an effort to enhance my level of english, i would like to try to write in English (although i know i will commit lots of grammatical error)

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