Thursday, March 24

Right for a Murder/Assisted Suicide VS Euthanasia

Assalamualaikum & hye peeps. 

Here’s is my humble piece of thought on mercy killing. Actually, I strongly go against mercy killing. As for me, mercy killing was an assisted suicide which was done medically and it is indirectly gives the right to take people’s life. 

First and foremost, human being or to be specific, the doctors do not have any right to kill the patients in what ever situation it is. The doctors are not the one who deserves to decide someone’s death. The one and the only who deserves to take people’s life is God, the Owner and the Giver of our life. Let me provide an analogy. If you own something and that thing is yours, then you lend it to someone else. The question is who deserves to give or lend it to someone else? Who deserves to take it back from someone else? Of course you yourself, right? Same applies to this situation. God gave us life thus He is the only one who deserves to take it back. It simple! 

Furthermore, life is not always as beautiful as we want. However that shows the beauty of life. We couldn’t expect life would be happy all the time without any challenges. Our life must be monotonous, right? Challenges coloured our life and without challenges our life is nothing. Challenges made us stronger. Remember, someone is not tested exceeding her/his ability. If we are tested with incurable disease, lying helplessly, mercy killing is not the solution. Who knows, miracle might happen.

However, in a case where a patient’s brain is dead and he/she has no longer has any feeling, I think Euthanasia is applicable.(Based on fatwa issued by Sheikh Al-Qardawi)

"Seek treatment, subjects of God, for to every illness God has made a cure",

"Your body has a right on you."

p/s : petikan reflection. sorry banyak grammar error. orang sik terer English. andai punya khilaf silap salah...tolong tegur.

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