Thursday, December 9

telah ku sediakan nisan untukmu~

Assalamualaikum & hye peeps~

Today, I met and did some discussion with our dean about my result. (everybody did the same thing). At first, I was quite pessimistic about this meeting. I thought our dean will scold me for my quite unsatisfactory result. yeah, got some hints there. my result was not as bombastic as others. but Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, my result was above 3.00 pointer. OK, back to my meeting and discussion with our dean. He gave his motivational words and those made me feel better. yes, I'll do as what he told me. InshaAllah.


About my ambition. Hmm, I've prepared "nisan" for my ambition. Yeah. It's quite impossible for me to achieve my ambition with that kind of result while others got more than 3.75 while many matriculation students (KPT) obtained 4.00 as their pointer. And yet, the number of intake for "this" course was very very limited. Hmm..Maybe this is the best for me. Allah knows what and which one is the best for me. For us. Maybe our dream does not suit us well or maybe we can success with more excellent in other courses.Who know? Yes. Allah knows. For those who obtained the excellent result, congratulation! For others, do not give up. Double or triple our effort. Remember to find the hidden hikmah for why all this happen. Don't you ever forget that failure marks the growth of success. The real success is not how good is your result, but how you bounce back after you fall. 

Even though, I already got the "nisan" for my ambition, I'll try my very very very best to excel in this semester. Who know? Miracle can happen. There are NOTHING impossible for Him. Keep praying. Keep doing our best. Do not procrastinate. It kills. Seriously. Hopefully, I can dig back that "grave" and bring "it" life.

OK. It's enough. I wanna continue with my Mathematics. more thing. Make sure your "love" towards all the subjects are equivalent. In other words.. Fair and square! You must love maths as you love biology.  

"don't despair and never loose hope"
-maher zain-

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