Sunday, September 5

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Assalamualaikum & hye peeps~

I'd done some reading about Qarin. It was a-scary-fact-to-know-but-it's-real-and-must-accept-the-fact article. I never know that everyone of us has their own Qarin. OK, lets me summarize on what I've read. 

Each individual among the sons of Adam has a jinn, a constant companion from birth till death called Qarin. Ibn Mas'ud reported that Prophet Muhammad PBUH says:

"There are no one of the sons of Adam does not have jinn appointed to be his constant companion"

They say,
"Including you too, O messenger of Allah?"
He said,
"Me too, but Allah has helped me and mine was a muslim and he only helps me to do good"

What does Qarin do?
The one and the only job of Qarin is to harm us. To let us disobey Allah and do bad things.

Want to know more?
Just ask Mr. Google or people who really know about this. I'm still seeking further info about Qarin. Can't totally depend on Mr. Google only. 

Btw, holiday mode had been activated. Just a few minutes until we reach the sixth day of september and few days left before Syawal. That's means Ramadhan is going to leave us. How's ur ramadhan? Mine is totally different from the previous one. Bersungkey at campus, bersahur at campus. Without family. But when i'm looking at the bright side, I felt this ramadhan was more meaningful when compared to the previous ramadhan. hopefully. hoho. anyway, lets continue seeking for lailatul qadr. Lailatul qadr, we must seek for it, not just wait and wait!

-hoho..merapunya english-

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