Monday, September 6


Salam everybody~

I'm done with stalking people's blog. Including my sister's blog.haha.Jangan marah ye sis! I've read about her wishlist. I was like...very the terharu when I read about her top wishlist.

"make my parents and Mint proud of me"

dear sis, I know that u had put your very best effort to make ur top wishlist comes true and I appreciate it very much. Just continue your good work and never give up.  I know u can do it! I do and always pray for your success~ 

P/S: mun kau dapat stret A...aku berik RM50.. walo x banyak ne, tapi ok la nak..dari x da..aku lom keja gik...lagi pun budak under 18 xboleh pegang duit banyak2~ haha


Dayang Nur Akya said...

:)) suka2!!

Yiko said...

yerrr... hik3.. ya adalah pendorong untuk berjaya.. Try ur very best! :)