Sunday, October 31

bahagia mode~

Assalamualaikum & hye peeps~

I'm home!!! What a great feeling! Guess what?? Final Exam is over and I'm still alive!! HAHA~ I'd gone through   a hectic revision week! too much to be covered off! and Alhamdulillah, I had done my very best even though I'm quite frustrated with some papers~ Juz continue praying to Allah n leave it to Him. He knows best what is the best for me. Hey..hey...enough about final! Now holiday!! 

hmm...what is my's my to-do-list during holz~

1. Pay all my sleeping debt. 
revision week with minimum sleeping time and resting time, now the best thing to do is pampering my body with enough rest and treating my eyes with enough sleep~ HAHA~ now 75% mission accomplished!

2. Going out with my friends! 

3. Make a new IC...18 oledi maaa~~

4. meet my adik2 usrah~~

5. have a very nice quality time with my family!

6. prepare myself for 2nd sem! study awal2~ inshaAllah~

7. annoying my beloved sis! hahaha

8. cook...cook...and cook!! (alamatnya siap la family aku tak makan~)

9. read books! bumi cinta, does my head looks big in this?, an echo from dead, beware girls! and looking forward to buy some new books! (nak belanjakan ckit elaun yang tak terbelanja lagi~~)

10. follow my uncle to a fishing trip. 

11. hmmm....sik tauk gik dah~~

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