Wednesday, September 14

simply untitled.

Assalamualaikum & hye peeps. 

Alhamdulillah, finally, i have the opportunities to write. 
Too much things to say. 
But I really want to make this short and simple. 

So far, Alhamdulillah. Now I'm officially "Mahasiswa UNIMAS". 

Bachelor in Resource Biotechnology.


I still remember my mom's words just a day before I registered myself in UNIMAS.

"now, both of your legs are in UNIMAS. The moment you step in UNIMAS, just focus on what are you doing now and please please forget about medic.."
(mak I speaking, kalah anak dia... -.-")

So how?
MAP is cool. Biotech is awesome. 
Maybe this is the best for me. Who know, right? Allah knows. 

oh by the way, seroja is still the best! :) 

and...of course I miss all the asasians. 
Some of us were going to Lot 77. 

teringat masa last day MAP, dan budak kolej medik akan balik ke lot77. 

segelintir kitorang keluar. hehe. without permission. salam salam, peluk peluk sahabat. 

menitiskan air mata.

some L.Os yang tengok kitorang, buat buat tak tahu. nasib baik tak kena marah. 

sedih sangat sangat masa tu. 

ukhuwwah masa asasi tu, manisnya, hanya yang merasakan kemanisan ukhuwwah sahaja yang tahu.

dan dan...

ex-roommate sik sehat, hopefully she will be fine. Syafakillah sahabat. sik pa, lot77 banyak doctors and nurses nak jaga awak. hehe. :) 

sorry for rojak language. Sometimes things are expressed well in english and sometimes in malay and sarawak malay too. hehe :)

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